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May 14th, 2008 No comments

So, this semester (my last one with classes) is now over.  I was in a video game development class this semester, and had a ton of fun making an educational (and fun) video game targeted at the 1st grade level (in math).  It’s not all math problems – but rather primarily a space war in which you pilot your ship in order to catch up with Distractor and take him down.  The math comes in as you attempt to use power-ups found along the way… they are locked, and the only way to unlock them is by solving math problems…

(Intro Sequence for Space War)

(Molly helping you with a math question)

(Fighting the Boss “Distractor”)

… it was a true group effort – I was one of 3 in my team, and we spent quite a bit of time and effort coming up with a back-story, etc… which is somewhat integrated into this working demo.  You can listen to the story-line in the game by selecting the Story option — or if you want to just jump into the action – select the Space War option (the only module we had time to implement).  I’m actually interested in furthering the game a bit, as my kids actually enjoy playing it.  I’d love to hear any feedback you might have!

So, how do you install it then?  Not as easy as I’d hope — but you’ll first need to get some prerequisite applications on your Windows XP or Vista computer:

.NET 2.0 (Windows XP Only)

.NET 2.0 SP1 (Windows XP Only)

Vista SP1 (Windows Vista Only)

DirectX 9.0c (Both XP & Vista)

XNA Runtime 2.0 (Both XP & Vista)

Once you’ve got the above pre-requisites installed… then download and install EgdelWonk (26MB).  If you happen to have an XBox 360 controller – plug it into your computer and use it… as we designed/tested/developed the game specifically for the XBox 360.  You can play it with the keyboard – but the gameplay is much better with the XBox controller.

Again — let me know what you think!  It was fun to make, hopefully you’ll enjoy playing it (or having your kids play it)…  Bonus quesion — who plays the voice of Molly?

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Finals Week…

May 8th, 2007 2 comments

Yes, it is finals week once again.  I have 3 finals this week – one in about 45 minutes – a 2 hour comprehensive final for my Digital Image Processing course (it is going to be a doozy)… then I have two take home finals, one which has already been handed out, the other I get on Thursday morning.  These are in Digital Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition.  I do enjoy learning, but I will be glad when Friday night comes, and all my finals are finished … it is a great feeling, one that I’m looking forward to.  Of course, it all starts up again in the fall :)

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Back in School

September 22nd, 2006 No comments

Wow — school is eating me up… I’m back in school after having graduated with my Bachelor’s back in 2001, and then working for a good 5 years. I’m still working (1/2 time), but have just begun work on my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (emphasis in Signal Processing).

I imagine I’ll get back into the swing of things soon enough, the sooner the better. I’m taking three classes this semester – Advanced Optics I (fun class); Linear Systems (not too bad); and Random Signal Processing (the class that is taking all my time).

We just had our first test in Random Signal Processing yesterday. I think I did ok – but it took hours and hours and hours of preparation. I have literally been spending 3-6 hours 4-5 days a week on this single class, but – I feel like I’m finally getting it. Hopefully the amount of time I’m having to spend will decrease as time continues, so I can start putting some other priorities back into their rightful places (i.e. Family, Church, Work).

Well — time to veg a bit, its been awhile since I have been able to just sit and do nothing. Unfortunately, it is already 10pm, but hey – gotta take what you can :) I’ll try and get back here more often. Time will tell …

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