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The Organ Needle

November 28th, 2010 1 comment

I am a sore man this morning.  Day two after hiking to the top of the Organ Needle sure feels good :)  We had a great time, and Michael has made history being the first of this generation of Giles to make it to the top (along with his cousins Megan and Brooke!).  There is a ton going on in life right now – about to move across the world, away from our friends and family to China.  It was a great experience to share with my dad, one of my brothers (Monte), and my oldest son Michael.  It took me back to my previous experiences hiking to the top of the Organ Needle, the last of which was the week before I entered the MTC as a missionary some 14 years ago (as far as I can remember).  The time and effort it takes to hike to the top of the Organ Needle and back down (basically a day) helps cement it in your life’s experiences, somewhat of an anchor if you allow it to be one.

Upon returning home tomorrow the next several weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity, cleaning, repairing, packing, filing, signing papers, buying plane tickets, sending our belongings on boats (not to be seen again for two months), renting out our home, selling our cars, selling our furniture, selling our … , saying goodbye to friends, saying goodbye to family, spending Christmas and New Years with family before boarding our airplane to Beijing the first of January.  And in reality, the whirlwind then really begins to whirl…

Our family is in for an adventure that will change each of us, and the path our lives may take us.  We know we are doing what our Heavenly Father wants us to do, and because of that we are filled with peace throughout all that is involved in making this move.  Even so, I look forward to the next time I’ll be able to be with those closest to me, father, brothers, children, on top of the world through hiking to the top of the Organ Needle.  I’m grateful to have had this experience at this time in my life, to be an anchor to what matters most to me before heading out on this new adventure across the world in China.

Game On!  :)

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Welcome Spencer Griffin Giles

April 4th, 2006 2 comments

Our fourth child, third boy, arrived at 2:27 in the afternoon yesterday. Everything went well – and mother and baby boy are both doing great. Spencer seems to have taken after his parents — taller than all our others (21″), and also weighing in at the lowest of the four (7lbs 6oz). He is sure cute, and has the longest little feet and toes.

We are very excited, as are our kids. When I called home to report to Michael (our oldest at 5 years of age) he started jumping up and down cheering when I told him we had named him Spencer! He has a friend in pre-school named Spencer, and had been the strongest advocate for the name. He also told me how he got to announce to his preschool that morning that his “mommy was going to have a baby today” and that it was going to be named Spencer.

I’d better head back to the hospital ;) Time to pick up Spencer and Jill and bring them home. I guess we’re going to find out what life is like with four children. Should be fun!

SpencerSpencer & MommySpencer -- getting weighed.

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Joining the blogging world…

February 4th, 2006 4 comments

I suppose it is time to join on in, and start a blog of my own. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs written by countless others, and figure I might as well join in the fun. Plus, I’ve always thought my writing skills have been lacking – maybe blogging will help them get better? Only time will tell…

Hmm, so how do I begin? Where do I start? There is so much I could write about, yet I’m not sure what anyone would care to read. Well, since I haven’t even told anyone about the existence of this blog yet, I suppose it doesn’t really matter ;)

I guess I’ll start by talking a bit about myself. I am the fifth out of seven children – four older brothers; two younger sisters. I’m 28 years old, turning 29 later this month. I am happily married, and have three children of my own. Our fourth child (they say it will be a boy) is due on April 9th. Yes, I am a family man :)

I am also a computer geek. I love tinkering with them. I love telling them what to do, and then watching them do it (i.e. writing software). My day job is spent programming computers for the most part, as are my nights from time to time. At last count, there are six computers in my home, and they all get used quite often. I imagine this aspect of my life isn’t too uncommon amongst those who have joined the blogging world before me.

I’ll fill everyone in on the other aspects of my life as time goes on (sports, politics, other hobbies, etc…). This will have to suffice for my first blog. How did I do? I feel like I’m talking to myself… I guess I am. Ahh well… good ‘night ;)

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