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Starting Week 2 :)

March 9th, 2010 No comments

Ok – I ran my first run for this week (after biking to / from work yesterday) and ended up running about 3.2 miles in ~ 27 minutes (8.5 minutes / mile).  Guess I need to sign up for a 5k event in the near future to get me motivated to keep on running and push myself – anyone know of one here in Albuquerque in the next few months?  Here is the path I took this time around:

I think the fact that I’m blogging about this is helping motivate me somewhat (as if you all are checking in on me – even though you likely wouldn’t notice if I stopped running…).  Anyhow – whatever works, right?

Tonight’s run got interesting the last mile or so – it started snowing and blowing right in my face!  I had to close my eyes most of the last mile due to the snow and wind… but I also think it motivated me to run a bit faster so I could get back home before it got worse ;)  Well – thanks for listening.  Time for bed.

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Day 1

March 3rd, 2010 No comments

I’ve decided to start running – this time for real ;)  Today was my first day back.  I ended up running for ~2.5 miles in 26 minutes (10 minute 24 second miles) with a bit of cool down at the end.  I’m actually feeling much better than I thought I would after the first run, but I’m sure tomorrow morning will bring a different story!  Here is the route I ran (a bit hilly at places) this evening:

Day 1

Notice the nice off-shoot I took at the east end of my run – I was hoping to cut across to the trails in the foothills – but got caught in a cul-de-sac and had to come back… at least it was downhill on the way back ;)   Thanks Claudia for motivating me to get back into better shape!  Wish me luck.

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