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Sandia District Website

August 15th, 2007 No comments

I’ve taken on another project – the making of the Sandia District website here in Albuquerque. Take a look:

It’s a fun project, and I believe a much needed one as well. Feedback is much appreciated ;)

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ImageMagick dash array bug…

June 13th, 2007 No comments

I’ve been using ImageMagick¬†(a great image library / toolset by the way) for some time now. Recently, I ran across a bug in the library when trying to draw straight dashed lines. You can get the details on the ImageMagick forum itself.

As that forum doesn’t allow posting of images (as far as I can tell) – I’m posting the error condition and the output of it here in hopes to aid developers more quickly find a fix for it :) The problem is Read more…

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Crazy hackers… (mod_security is great!)

October 26th, 2006 No comments

Well… sorry hackers, but I’m getting fed up with your little games. I’ve found what appears to be a great module that works with apache to help monitor/block your hacking attempts. I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far.

I’ve gone ahead and implemented a mod_security service to logwatch as well, to aid in parsing through the audit_log that mod_security spits out as it does its work. I couldn’t find a decent one out there already written, so decided to write my own. It’s nothing fancy, but gets the job done. I figured I’d post it here in case someone else might find it useful.

Just place each file in the appropriate place… for my fedora core install, that happens to be in /etc/logwatch/* — exact locations for each file are then (click to download):




Use at your own risk… :)

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Joining the blogging world…

February 4th, 2006 4 comments

I suppose it is time to join on in, and start a blog of my own. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs written by countless others, and figure I might as well join in the fun. Plus, I’ve always thought my writing skills have been lacking – maybe blogging will help them get better? Only time will tell…

Hmm, so how do I begin? Where do I start? There is so much I could write about, yet I’m not sure what anyone would care to read. Well, since I haven’t even told anyone about the existence of this blog yet, I suppose it doesn’t really matter ;)

I guess I’ll start by talking a bit about myself. I am the fifth out of seven children – four older brothers; two younger sisters. I’m 28 years old, turning 29 later this month. I am happily married, and have three children of my own. Our fourth child (they say it will be a boy) is due on April 9th. Yes, I am a family man :)

I am also a computer geek. I love tinkering with them. I love telling them what to do, and then watching them do it (i.e. writing software). My day job is spent programming computers for the most part, as are my nights from time to time. At last count, there are six computers in my home, and they all get used quite often. I imagine this aspect of my life isn’t too uncommon amongst those who have joined the blogging world before me.

I’ll fill everyone in on the other aspects of my life as time goes on (sports, politics, other hobbies, etc…). This will have to suffice for my first blog. How did I do? I feel like I’m talking to myself… I guess I am. Ahh well… good ‘night ;)

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