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Initial times in 1 mile, 100m, 50m

April 18th, 2009 1 comment

Ok, it has begun.  I decided to take some intial benchmarks this morning for the biggest gainer.  I’m not sure I’m up for getting a 3 mile benchmark, I was ready to pass out after the 1 mile!  Here they are:

1 mile run — 6:40

100 m — 13.0

50m — 6.4

I haven’t timed myself in any of these events in years.  This is the benchmark anyhow, something for me to compete against now.  I think I first ran a sub 13 second 100 m as a freshman in high school… kind of what I feel like now, returning to my freshman year, with high hopes of improving in all these events in the coming months / years!

I hope to take some more initial benchmarks later tonight -perhaps doing my pushups and situps benchmark since they are easily done at home.  In the meantime — I’m off to a football game this afternoon, last of our flag football season before the playoffs.

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Biggest Gainer – Octathalon

April 15th, 2009 No comments

I figure if I post to my blog that I’m joining in on Maury’s Biggest Gainer Octathalon — I might actually do it ;)  Should be worthwhile getting back into great shape again – I’m looking forward to it!  Take a look at the Octathalon site for the details:

Anyone else want to join in with us?  It is always better to have more people to motivate along when attempting to do something like this.  Let me know!

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