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Christmas Morning

December 26th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love Christmas!  This year, we decided to try and make presents for one another, rather than purchasing all our gifts.  It turned out ok, although execution wasn’t perfect.  It takes quite a bit of time to make gifts, and quite a bit more time to help young kids make gifts.  So, in the end, most of the “adults” had made gifts for most everyone, and most of the “kids” had made one or perhaps two gifts.  Nice idea, one I want to try again in the future, and hopefully apply some lessons learned from this time around.

Anyhow, I’d like to show you a few pictures from Christmas morning – mainly of the gifts I created, along with a few other pictures that just looked cute, exciting, fun, etc… and I didn’t want to leave out.

So, for Michael I made a marble maze.  This took quite a bit more time than I originally planned, and I have quite a bit of scraps of lumber to show for it (tries 1,2,3,…,10,… etc… all failed).  Not sure if you can make it out from the picture – but it’s a two sided maze and the marble drops between the two sides via holes in the center.  Object is to get it from one corner to the other.

I had originally planned on making them all mazes, but the time spent on Michael’s was soo long, that I modified my design for Trevin and Ian… their mazes are made from their names, with a hard plastic top to keep the marble in (rather than the way Michael’s is — with the marble still accessible to the touch.

For Kaylee Ann I made (with help — not enough time!) some socks with beads on them.  I actually just sewed the beads to some purchased socks.  Kaylee seems to like them though!

I ran out of time before I got to Spencer’s gift — but as you can see from the Christmas morning picture, a simple sticker is enough to keep him happy :)

Enjoy the pictures!

You’ve likely noticed the pictures of the lazer tag guns — they were a sure hit (thanks Grandma / mom!).  Michael was also (still is) very very excited about his skateboard Santa gave him… look at that grin!

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