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High School Reunion – Tracking Alumni

September 2nd, 2007 No comments

I originally created a website / alumni tracking tool for my 10 year high school reunion (see about two years back.  My wife, who also graduated in 1995, saw the site – and figured, hey – why not re-use this for my 10 year reunion?  Thus… I ported the code over for her 10 year reunion (see

One of my brothers is getting ready to help put on his 20 year reunion, and asked if he might be able to take advantage of what I did for our reunion to track alumni, get tickets purchased, etc… and so I figured I’d take the opportunity to make my code more generalized so that the next time I’m asked to port it for another high school – it will *cross your fingers* hopefully require only copying some files, copying a database structure, and then modifying a single configuration file.

Anyhow – so taht is what I did… the site looks awfully similar – but the code behind it is much more general pupose now (see for my brother’s site).  Yup… leave it to me to spend more time just make the behind the scenes stuff look better w/no change to the front end :)

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